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For over 25 years, I have fed my wanderlust for “everything the world has to offer” by passionately writing feature articles and reviews on a variety of topics. I travel, write, speak, facilitate workshops and have authored a new book.


My mission, through the written and spoken word, is to help people create lives full of passion, authenticity and purpose. 

How it Began

After working in corporate America for well over a decade, I knew that I was tired of someone else deciding what I did and how much money I made. And although a steady “W-2 job” had its benefits, I wanted to be self-employed; I just didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. 

The two things I did know, however, were that I had to make a good living, and it had to be something I really enjoyed. I had worked at jobs that provided one or the other, but I wanted both.


That was non-negotiable.


When I sat down and really thought about what I loved doing, I realized it was writing. And although I had been doing it in professional settings, I thought other types of creative writing might be an avenue to explore. 


A Freelance Career is Born

In 1995, I was living in San Francisco and working for an asset management company in the Financial District. There was an African American newspaper called The San Francisco Bay View in the neighborhood where I lived that I read all the time. One day, I called and arranged a time to meet with the editor, asking if by chance they allowed people to write for the paper. Not only did she respond with a resounding “Yes!” but they paid a little for each article as well (which I was not expecting, especially since I didn’t have any formal news-writing experience). 


So, I started by writing reviews for the scores of books sent to their office by publicists from around the country, which later led to assignments covering events happening in and around the Bay Area. This was before the internet really got going, and I used to hand deliver my articles on floppy disks!


After a while, I approached and started writing for another local newspaper, and then another. After I got a good flavor for this possible new freelance career, I soon stretched my wings to also write for magazines, travel guides and other publications, and for private clients.


Setting a goal to keep at it for two years, I decided that when the end of the test period drew near, if it seemed like I could make a living as a freelance writer, I would jump from the “corporate ship.” 


Well, almost two years to the day I set that goal, I jumped! And other than hopping back on and off a few times over the years (due to marriage, raising kids and other life circumstances…), I eventually made the final leap and have never looked back.

Not long into my new career, I took an opportunity to marry my love of writing with my passion for travel.


My mother instilled in me a love of travel when I was a young girl. I found I could not only enjoy many incredible experiences all over the world but could also share with others how they, too, could broaden their understanding of, and appreciation for, other people, cultures, languages, traditions, foods, music and so much more.


Helping People Help Themselves

I couldn’t possibly have imagined then how my writing career would blossom into motivational speaking, authoring books  and facilitating workshops. It’s a journey I am grateful for every day, and one that I am proud to share all over the globe, with passion, authenticity and purpose.


Thank you for journeying with me. I look forward to working together with you!