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My 25 years of freelance and travel writing has led me on many amazing excursions. A few years ago, my travels crossed paths with a very personal, inner journey that resulted in my debut book, I Cried. And People Loved Me Anyway.


It's the story of how my life completely fell apart due to a series of setbacks over a short period of time.  And I was—literally—ready to check out. 


No longer able to maintain the subconscious façades I had built up since childhood, the master of coverups I had become shattered into bits, and all that was left was me.  And I had no idea who I really was. 


But through seeking help, faith, self-forgiveness, practicing spiritual principles, a lot of unconditional love, and making a conscious decision every day that my life has value and worth, I moved from the depths of despair to living a truly authentic life filled with passion and purpose.


One of my book reviewers wrote:

I Cried. is a must-read for anyone grappling with everyday struggles that become overwhelming. Lysa’s inner journey resonates with readers who have considered giving up during tough times, and her path through despair inspires hope. In it, she stresses the importance of seeking help, self-forgiveness, spirituality – however one defines that – and unconditional love when trying to overcome emotional trauma. She teaches us how to live with passion, authenticity and purpose by treating every day as a gift.


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At my book talks and signings, I discuss:


  • How to tap into your inner child to unravel the old “tapes” that no longer serve you

  • The power of forgiveness and unconditional love – for yourself and others

  • Why every breakdown can be a breakthrough

  • The importance of creating and maintaining community

  • Finding your voice and inner strength through vulnerability

  • The clarity, lessons and blessings found through adversity

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