21 Days and Counting

I am again overflowing with the love bestowed on me and the kids today when we had our Grand Adventure Party going-away celebration at our beloved Center for Spiritual Living Kansas City!

While presiding (doing our standard welcome to new people, etc.) I made a little presentation, sharing the story and details behind our upcoming adventure.

For those of you who don’t know, I have had a 15-year dream to move out of the country once both kids were off to college. Since I was self-employed, my office would be my laptop and I could travel and work from anywhere.

The original plan was to move to a Spanish-speaking country (somewhere near a beach!) where I could use my fluent Spanish skills, live on far less than it costs to live in the U.S., AND have a better quality of life. The location was at that time, unknown.

About four years ago I realized that although living in a less expensive location, I would still have the “standard expenses” of rent/mortgage, utilities, etc. – all the daily living necessities no matter where you live. However, since there are so many places in the world that I had not seen, I decided that my income would go a lot further if I didn’t have those expenses.

So, I changed the plan and will be travelling the world full-time - without a home base!

Where I travel will be a combination of travel writing assignments, motivational speaking, workshops and book talks (check out my calendar), visiting friends and family, housesitting, and wanderlust adventures just for fun! While in the U.S. I will be primarily driving, and while out of the country my car will be with a friend or family member until I return.

In August, my oldest son will be a Junior at Vanderbilt in Nashville, my youngest starting his Freshman year at K-State in Manhattan, KS, and I will officially be an empty-nester – without a nest!

You can watch the Sunday, August 4 service (there was as always fantastic music, a great message, and a short meditation) or fast forward to the15-minute mark to see just our Grand Adventure Party presentation.

This is truly a grand adventure for all of us, and the love and support of CSL has meant everything to us.

Please keep following along on our journey!


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