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A Global Detour

March 31, 2020

What a wild and crazy past few weeks it has been! Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our 24/7 news cycles have been spinning out of control at warp speed, anxiety and fear is high, and there’s no denying the palpable uncertainty in the air about how things will play out. Nevertheless, those that follow a spiritual path do know this:

All is in Divine Order, and this too shall pass.

All is well with me and my family, and that brings me great comfort. Yet I am mindful of the challenges so many people—including myself—are facing in various ways.

I arrived in Florida on March 14th from Alabama (details below), then I gave the Sunday lesson at the wonderful spiritual community of Unity of Citrus County on the 15th. That afternoon I drove to Groveland, about 30 miles west of Orlando, where I was scheduled to house and dog sit for a couple of weeks. Within the next few days all of my engagements for the rest of the month, and shortly thereafter those for April as well, were canceled. Hmmmm. When this gig was up, where was I going to go and what was I going to do?

Fortunately, the family where I am housesitting needed to extend their out of town responsibilities and asked me to stay until at least mid-April, later changing their request to, “Stay as long as you need even after we get back. We love having you here!”

I have to say that I’m quite proud of myself for not getting into panic mode once things around me started to shift “without my permission.” I spent so many years trying to control everything but learned that I can just let go and let things fall into place as they will – and they did!

So I’m spending my time working on various projects, reading, going on walks with the dogs and around the beautiful nearby lake, practicing yoga, meditation, journaling and catching up on a few Netflix series episodes!

A big benefit and fun part about this social distancing is that I have been doing a lot of video chatting via Facebook Messenger and Zoom, which is helping to maintain those important friend and family connections across the miles. I don’t know what the news will look like tomorrow, or over the next few weeks for that matter. But what I do know is that I can choose to live in the present moment in gratitude for whatever lessons and blessings this experience will bring my way.

I am really excited that April marks the official launch of my Online Workshops! Over the past two years I’ve been very blessed to have presented my workshops at churches, book clubs, social organizations, corporate settings, and other venues, and had been working behind the scenes for a while to present them online. Well, I got a spiritual push with our current world “health opportunity” and they are ready to go!

Before the recent travel restrictions came about, I spent four glorious days in Gulf Shores, Alabama! I had been there twice before, and on each visit I found so much more about the town and area to enjoy.

On this particular trip I visited the NEW Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo (it reopened the week I was there!) and historic Fort Morgan, and thoroughly enjoyed several fantastic dining establishments. You read all about it in this blog post.

Nevertheless, like you all, I’m playing the waiting game to see when and how our current “health opportunity” will unfold and when we will be able to, like the Southwest Airlines slogan says, be “free to move about the country” again. So in the meantime, checkout my in-person AND online speaking and travel calendar.

I think everyone realizes that they go through challenges in their lives, and this particular time in history—although certainly unprecedented—is no exception. Yet each one of them offers us an opportunity to slow down, reevaluate what we’re doing, thinking, and what is important in our lives, and to make a new or reinvigorated plan for the future.

So let us all commit to raising our vibration to be a beneficial presence in the global consciousness, and together create a world that works for all.




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