A Little Peace of Mind

Many travelers use ear plugs to block out loud airplane noises, crying children and other loud sounds, whether moving about by train, plane, boat or automobile.

While these versions work well for some, there are others who simply want to decrease the impact of the noise around them, rather than tune it out completely.

Enter EarPeace. Touted as the first company to release a hearing protection product that matches superior sound experience with an appealing aesthetic, EarPeace was designed to protect hearing in an easy, cost-effective and discreet way.

EarPeace is made out of a safe, strong, reusable hypoallergenic silicone that provides high-quality sound, and reduces sound pressure by 75 percent while maintaining sound fidelity. As a result, it protects your hearing without muffling the ambient sounds—conversations, live music, sporting events, and so forth—going on around you.

Stored in a sleek stylish aluminum case that you can conveniently carry on a keychain, in your pocket or purse, the EarPeace product line has recently been expanded to encompass EarPeace S, specifically designed for those working in loud environments, EarPeace M for motorcycle riders and motorsports enthusiasts, and EarPeace HD which is very popular with live music fans as well as the musicians who play it!

Limited Edition Pride (a tribute to 50 years of LGBTQ+ freedom and Stonewall’s 50th Anniversary), and custom-made ear plugs (in a wide variety of colors) are also available.

Website: www.earpeace.com Social Media: @EarPeace


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