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A New Me

Well, I'm back from a first for me: 30 days out of the country working on the road - and it was fabulous! And I was wonderfully (and intentionally) totally disconnected from home: No TV. no news, no politics, no weather, no sports, no roommates, no kids, no housework, no appointments. no driving...nothing but me and a constantly unfolding adventure, especially given that I had absolutely no idea where I would be traveling except for the first week after leaving the states.

I ended up traveling to four destinations in Mexico: Isla Mujeres, Chichen Itzá, Mérida and Progresso, returning to Isla Mujeres again at the end. And one of the best parts was speaking Spanish 99% of the time!

It was a very healing, life affirming, introspective, gastronomic, stepping out of your comfort zone, spiritual, amazing experience that has, and will continue, to positively affect me mind, body and spirit for years to come.

Thanks for all your support and love while I was away, and for welcoming back the new me.

She's pretty awesome too!


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