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A Peaceful Presence in the Kansas Plains

Today I had the honor of giving the Sunday Lesson at Unity of Topeka. The setting here is just gorgeous, set high on a hill with spectacular views over the picturesque Kansas landscape. The congregants say those views are equally amazing during each season of the year.

My lesson today was called, “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones: But it’s my own words that can really hurt me.”

In it, I spoke about how when an unexpected event happens in our lives, one that may leave us temporarily or permanently dependent upon others for help, we sometimes start to question how our abilities relate to our worth in this world.

To illustrate this, I shared the parallel between the tangible, human experience of breaking my elbow, and the spiritual Truths I learned about consciousness, service and loving myself as a result of it.

Everyone was so open, and attentive, and receptive to my message, and I received lots of positive feedback afterwards. They also want me to come back and speak again!

It was a lovely morning, with some very lovely people, and I was so blessed by the experience!


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