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Authentic Leadership Strategies

We're all tired of hearing the “C” word and the “P” word - COVID-19 and Pandemic.

Yes, we are mindful that this is still an important global issue, yet we don't have to stay stuck in the quicksand of the fear, stress, anger, or pain of it all. Let's stop talking about surviving and instead focus on THRIVING! I can help.

I know that an important part of your role as a conference coordinator, meeting planner, board chair, or other key decision maker for your organization is to secure speakers that can connect to your audiences and help you achieve a successful and memorable event.

As a sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator I’ve enjoyed many incredible opportunities to partner with people such as yourself to deliver powerful, engaging, and authentic messages to both in-person and virtual audiences.

Here is a brief overview of my four Signature Programs:

The first is Empowerment Based Leadership. Here, attendees will:

● Learn how to identify negative patterns of thought that have been deeply rooted in their subconscious mind

● Transform their inner critic into an ally that supports authentic and intentional living, and

● Create a clear vision and new inner voice to help chart a new conscious path for the future

Revision Based Leadership demonstrates how to:

● Examine our old childhood stories in order to separate “fact from fiction”

● Shed the weight of unresolved sadness, blame, and unforgiveness, and

● Rewrite and reframe the meaning behind previous experiences in order to more fully live in the present moment

Resilience Based Leadership offers tools to:

● Recognize past challenges as stepping-stones toward greater resilience

● Appreciate our vulnerabilities as avenues for personal and professional growth, and

● Create new ways to share our truth in order to motivate and guide others toward their own greatness

And last but not least, Personal Based Leadership guides attendees toward:

● Tapping into their own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual rhythms and cycles

● Transforming feelings of imbalance into steadfastness and informed direction, and

● Learning how to deepen their sense of wholeness

During each of these four Signature Programs, I don’t just tell others how to achieve these personal growth milestones, I demonstrate, by sharing some of my personal experiences and how to navigate through the unexpected, challenging, and often heartbreaking events that happen in our lives.

It’s not about just surviving, rather thriving with greater clarity, authenticity, and purpose.

These leadership strategies can be geared to suit any specific audience or related-theme and presented as an in-person or virtual keynote or special event appearance, workshop, breakout session, half or full-day program, or in a multi-day retreat-style setting.

* * *

If you're having trouble attracting and connecting with audiences

that fit your specific event focus or theme, I can help!

I offer FREE strategy calls and would love to speak with you. Just click here and choose a date and time that works best for you.

Additionally, you can learn more about me in my downloadable Media Kit.


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