Book Tour – 3 Days to Go

Only 3 days to go before I embark upon my inaugural book tour, and a lot of stress, anxiety and FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real, or Future Events Already Ruined) is popping up. My fear lizard, Luther (for those of you who have read my book) has reared his ugly head again.

Swirling around my cerebral cortex are things like: “What if something happens to the car while you are on the road?” “Are you going to run out of money?” “How am I going to be able to enjoy the experience AND get all of my regular client work done at the same time?” “What if, if, if…..”

So, I’m directing myself to the 5-steps for overcoming fear I outlined in a previous talk I gave:

Step #1 – Stop and take a deep breath.

Step #2 - Thank my fear for getting my attention. It is trying to tell me SOMETHING. Step #3 – Examine my fear. If I am not in imminent danger (fire, flood, physical harm), that means it’s a fear from the past or fear of the future.

Step #4 – Reframe my fear. What if I choose not to believe these fears? How can I reframe them to reflect the Truth? Step #5 – Cut myself some slack! It takes time to unravel old habits (especially when they’ve been there over 50 years!) so go easy on myself.

Our inner work is never done people! It's not like we “get it” and magically everything thereafter is fine. Like some dear friends of mine often say, “That’s why they call it a Spiritual PRACTICE.”

A good friend suggested that I write a blog along the way (Great, another thing to add to my stress list! 😊). But she’s right. Sharing the awesome stuff is, well, awesome. But I still have to walk the fine line between my Divine Humanity—which sometimes experiences a dip in the Belief Meter—and my Divine Spirituality where the Truth always resides—reminding myself that I am capable, smart, resourceful, lovable and most of all: WORTHY.

And by the way, surely, Spirit would not have brought me this far without providing the way for me to achieve my dreams, goals and desires.

So today, I Let Go and Let God, and know that all is well.


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