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Center of Unity in Grapevine!

A big shout out goes to Center of Unity in Grapevine for welcoming me to facilitate a workshop last Sunday!

The workshop was called, “It’s Never too Late to REWRITE Our Childhood Stories.” In it, I talked about how we all have a story – a collection of experiences we’ve had in our lives. But we often latch onto the challenging ones, making them the central narrative our subconscious mind uses to filter current and future experiences.

However, by separating the FACTS of what happened in a given situation from our INTERPRETATION of what happened, we can make conscious choices guided by our Higher Selves about whether or not those stories are serving us any longer.

The attendees were so open to sharing their very personal childhood stories and challenges, and more importantly, ready to start reframing those stories in order to chart a new conscious path for the future.

Overall, it was a wonderful, spirit-led day and I was equally blessed, if not more, for having the opportunity to share in sacred community here.

Thank you again, Center of Unity in Grapevine for your love and support. I look forward to visiting you all again soon!


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