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Comfort for your Feet

For the most part, the largest items in my travel bags are my shoes, even though I try to wear the heaviest/largest pair (usually my tennis shoes) when going to and fro to save space and provide comfort. But my favorite travel shoe comes from Arcopédico.

I’ve worn a pair from their knit collection for years and love them!

Portable, lightweight, providing great circulation and support, machine-washable and great looking, Arcopédico offers high-quality, Portuguese-made women’s comfort shoes.

The two fundamental design principles used by the company are key: a soft, non-binding, “barefoot” upper that boosts circulation, and foot arch protection through their patented, metal-free, twin arch-support soles.

I personally need A LOT of support for my feet, and can literally go all day before I feel even the slightest bit of discomfort from being on my feet for hours and hours – particularly when embarking upon walking tours or traversing through travel destination city streets.

And, everywhere I go, I get tons of compliments on them!

Choose from Arcopédico’s boots, walking shoes, sandals, wide range of leather footwear, and other styles.


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