Educational Courses on Lesson aLIVE

Are you an educator looking for quality online and/or in-person courses for students from K-12? Lesson aIVE was created to inspire and empower students and educators by incorporating real-world experiences into the educational curriculum.

Toward the achievement of this mission, the platform provides unique educational opportunities for learners, educators, professionals, and motivational speakers to realize their own potential and transform their lives and our global community.

I currently offer several virtual and in-person Life Skills courses on this platform. In them I provide an overall framework for addressing a particular topic, interactive hands-on activities, and time at the end as an open floor Q&A session. And any of my courses can be customized as necessary to meet educator and audience needs.

Lesson aLIVE is also a great way to support community partnerships by providing the foundation for your locally sponsored educational programs.

For more information, check out my educator profile and course offerings on


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