Finding Your Worth

Society tends to dictate what we should believe in, who we should be and where we should go. We grow up within social systems that tell us about ourselves, rather than allowing us the freedom to decide who we are. Motivational speaker, author, workshop facilitator and freelance travel writer, Lysa Allman-Baldwin, knows this all too well. She was living a life dictated by what society told her about her.

In this episode, Lysa shares her pivot story as she set out in search of her purpose and ultimately found her own worth. She talks about overcoming her controlling behavior, coming to terms with her worthiness, finding forgiveness and building resilience. Follow Lysa through her revelatory experience and be inspired to know that you are enough just the way you are.

This was the introduction for my guest appearance on The Conscious PIVOT Podcast with Adam Markel, an internationally known TEDx speaker and expert in professional and personal reinvention.

Adam and I talked about a wide range of the experiences I’ve had, and he commented that he finds it so interesting that everybody’s got so many pivot stories; that we’ve all pivoted so many times in our lives, little micro pivots where we may say to ourselves, “At that moment, it was right for me. It was the right thing to do. This was where I learned this thing or that thing.”

Although I did not realize these experiences as “pivots” at the time, looking back I can definitely see how they were and how they helped shaped me into the person I am today.

I invite you to watch or listen to my revelatory experiences and be inspired to know that you are enough - just the way you are!

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