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Happy May Day!

How can it be May already? The beginning of this year has just flown by—and, literally, come to a stop—all at the same time.

There are a lot of people around the world who are struggling physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and in their relationships with family and others. Yet I also see so much energy around creativity, fostering a sense of community, reaching out to help others with our time, talent and treasure, taking stock of what’s really important in our lives, and a profound sense of gratitude.

It’s all about perspective, so even in the midst of a great deal of challenges and uncertainty, we can still hold the high watch for what is possible in the present moment.

On the personal front, all is still well with me and my family. My young men are in Kansas City with their dad, returning there in March when their colleges—Joseph is a Junior at Vanderbilt, and William is a Freshman at Kansas State—closed their campuses for the rest of the school year. So they have been finishing up the semester online and are looking forward to what the summer might bring.

I am still housesitting in Florida and will be here until at least the middle of the month. It’s an interesting waiting game because my movements don’t just hinge on what the governors in Florida and Arizona—the latter where I was scheduled to be the entire month of May—decide about easing up (or not) on the current physical distancing guidelines, but what the states I would have to drive through and spend a few overnights to get there—Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and New Mexico—will be doing as well.

This situation kind of reminds me of the 1990 song “Things that Make you go Hmmmmm” by C+C Music Factory!

Again, there’s nothing to do—or I guess its more accurate to say that what I am choosing to do is stay centered in Spirit and know that all is in Divine Order.

Fortunately, I’ve had great success teaching my workshops online (more on that below), I continue to work on my upcoming travel plans, motivational talks, in-person workshops, and book signings (that’s down there too!), and I have several writing and editing projects for private clients that are still underway.

Speaking of motivational talks, my first one ever given online will be at Unity of Tucson on Sunday, May 10th at 10 a.m. CST - Mother’s Day! The title of my talk is “Awaken and Honor the Divine Feminine (and Masculine) in YOU!” After the service I will be facilitating my popular workshop, “It's Never Too Late to REWRITE Your Childhood Stories.” I would love it if you could join me for one or both of those events!

Aaaaah! So like I’ve said before, and remind myself all the time:

I choose to live in the present moment

in gratitude for whatever lessons and blessings come my way.


While “pausing in place” I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about many of the wonderful destinations I’ve had the privilege of visiting over the past few years.

In Costa Rica I felt like I went to heaven during a one-week spa respite at The Retreat at Altos del Monte.

I knew nothing about Charleston, WV before I arrived, and while there learned that some legacies are consequential, others mindfully and intentionally forged over time.

In Louisville there’s much more to experience beyond bourbon and bluegrass.

President Woodrow Wilson, The Statler Brothers, and Harry Potter all have at least one thing in common - Staunton, VA!

Belize is one of my favorite destinations and where you’ll find some of the most warm and welcoming people in the world.

And I could just eat my way around Asheville, NC (you all know how much I LOVE to eat!) because they have such a fantastic culinary scene.

A Gift for You

In these turbulent times, it’s important to stay centered to keep our body, mind, and spirit from getting too far out of balance.

This three minute meditation video by Lizzy Hill can help you along the path of peace, serenity, and knowing that all is always well.

This month (and every month) let us all commit to raising our vibration to be a beneficial presence in the global consciousness, and together create a world that works for all.




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