Holiday Blues Workshop

Holiday Blues: Practical tools to deal with sadness during the holidays.

Whether we feel ready for it or not, the holidays are here. And while we may be looking forward to shopping, get-togethers with family and friends, and other festivities, this time of year (and how to navigate all of that during a pandemic) can also bring up sadness, loneliness, depression, and other feelings. This workshop has been designed to offer practical tools for dealing with the holiday blues by showing attendees how to more easily identify their feelings, engage with and enjoy the gifts of the season, and set a new course for happiness all year long.

In the workshop participants will:

* EXPERIENCE a safe, supportive environment for listening, being heard, and understood

* EXPLORE the root cause of their sadness, loneliness, and other feelings

* LEARN powerful, practical tools to deal with their feelings around this time of the year (and beyond)

* RECEIVE follow-up handouts of everything discussed to help support them at home.

This workshop is affordably priced at only $25!

Register today!


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