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I Love You, Bay Area!

When life hands you shelter-in-place, spiritually connect online!

OK, that was a little corny, but I couldn’t think of anything much cleverer than that … or that rhymed!

Nevertheless, it doesn’t take away from my gratitude and love for four spiritual centers where I had the honor of presenting a Sunday talk, and at all but one, a workshop, in the month of June.

The first was Unity San Francisco. Led by Sr. Minister Rev. Ken Daigle and Associate Minister and Licensed Unity Teacher Rev. DeeAnn Weir Morency, the church recently celebrated its 100th anniversary! That is quite an accomplishment and they are still going strong. Of the experience here they say, “When you walk through our doors, you will be warmly welcomed and accepted exactly as you are. Poet and author Maya Angelou’s journey as a lifelong Truth student began at our church in the 1950s. The powerful message she received—God loves me—is one of the hallmarks of our theology and the Truth we live and love to share.”

Unity Palo Alto uses “Unity Principles to create an experience, programs, classes, services, music, and social media that meet the unique needs of the wonderful and diverse group of people here in the Bay Area.” Here you will find Sr. Minister Rev. John Reilly and a robust, diverse leadership team that honors diversity, peace, joy, and all spiritual paths.

Traveling a little further north (and since it was virtual, there was no traffic! 😊), I then spoke at Unity of Santa Rosa, “an inclusive and loving spiritual community that honors all paths.” The leadership team here is delightful and welcomes all to freely discover their unique, individual journey of faith.

And last but certainly not least, I enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the folks at Brentwood Inspired Living Center, where the Spiritual Director is Amy Van Linge. Their Mission Statement reads, “We are an open, heart-centered Spiritual Community honoring the One Presence within us. We welcome all to connect, grow and expand in wisdom, compassion and love.”

The workshop I facilitated was called, “It’s Never too Late to REWRITE our Childhood Stories.” I created it based upon my own challenging childhood experiences to help attendees separate the FACTS of what happened in their lives, from their INTERPRETATIONS of the facts. Once we learn to do this, we can make conscious choices about whether or not those stories are serving us any longer and reframe those that are not in order to chart a new conscious path for the future.

The material was very well received, and I know that I learned as much from the attendees as they learned from me. It always warms my heart and bolsters my faith to see how we really are all connected—as spiritual beings having a human experience—regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation/identification, education, income … the things often used in society to divide us.

Although neither I nor any of these amazing spiritual communities could have known when we booked these engagements last year that life would have been turned on its ear in such a way, this unprecedented time in our world has certainly given us all numerous opportunities to come together, practice our spiritual practice, and remain firm in knowing the Truth:

Everything is in Divine Order

Thank you again, Unity San Francisco, Unity Palo Alto, Unity of Santa Rosa, and Brentwood Inspired Living Center!

* * *

To learn more about and support these centers, please visit them (online for now!) via the following links:

Unity San Francisco


Facebook: @UnitySanFrancisco


Unity Palo Alto


Facebook: @UnityPaloAlto


Unity of Santa Rosa


Facebook: @UnitySR


Brentwood Inspired Living Center





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