Lysa Rocks!

In my over 25 years of travel writing, I have visited and enjoyed many wonderful destinations, accommodations, attractions, dining establishments, and other entities, sharing those experiences with readers around the world.

Following are a few testimonials and accolades I feel so blessed to have earned along the way:

Thank You Lysa, these are all really fantastic! We will be sharing via our various Social Media platforms. Thank you again for visiting Fredericksburg, and these fabulous stories!

- Amanda Koone, Communications Manager, Fredericksburg The Texas Hill Country Convention & Visitor Bureau

Hi, Lysa – your posts look great! Thanks so much for visiting the [Lodge of Four Seasons - Spa Shiki]. I really enjoyed reading your posts (made me hungry for HK’s!). I like how you have fun with your writing and experiences. - Jennifer Bondurant, CatchPhrase Communications

St. Elmo Steakhouse - Indianapolis

In addition to being a seasoned writer and travel journalist, Lysa displays a true professionalism in representing her clients. From initial contact through strong follow up, she is a pleasure to work with on corporate writing projects as well as news articles.

- Chris Gahl, Senior Manager of Media Relations, Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association

Lysa observes and listens intently to catch all the nuances of your story, uncovering some pertinent angles you haven't thought of. The end result? A concise, precise capture and recounting of your message. She is also easy to work with, quick, energetic, and above all, competent. - Rosemarie Kitchin, President and CEO, Kitchin's Ink, Ltd., formerly VP, Marketing Durham Convention & Visitors Bureau Ms. Allman-Baldwin,

I just received your letter and wanted to send an email of thanks for writing about Vino Libro in the New York Amsterdam News. I thought what you wrote precisely described our vision and creation. Hopefully others will see Vino Libro the way we all do.

- John Francis (Atlanta, Georgia – Vino Libro Wine Bar & Bistro)

Parador Resort & Spa, Punta Quepos, Costa Rica

Hello Lysa, Hope all is well. I really enjoyed meeting you at the Resort, time did fly and I wish we could have had a chance to at least have lunch together. The articles are really wonderful, I have send them all around. Thank you so much. Hopefully we will meet again soon.

- Marja Schans, Co-Owner, Parador Resort & Spa, Punta Quepos, Costa Rica

Hola Lysa! Greetings from Costa Rica. Thank you so much for this amazing and delightful article.

- Moises Duran, e-commerce Supervisor, Parador Resort & Spa, Punta Quepos, Costa Rica

What a delight it was to work with Lysa during her visit to Tulsa. She arrives with a deep knowledge of an area and focuses on the exact details she needs to complete the assignment(s). Lysa is most professional, as well as detail oriented with her reporting. It was a pleasure to work with someone of her caliber.

- Nancy Phillips, Director, Visitor Development, Tulsa Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Coopers Tavern, Madison, WI

Thank you so much for the kind words about The Coopers Tavern and Madison in general. It’s was a great read and highlight's all the good things our town has to offer. Thanks again for the great article.

- Peter McElvanna, General Manager, The Coopers Tavern, Madison, WI

YOU ARE AWESOME!! Can’t thank you enough. You ROCKED these articles and TRULY got the authenticity of our city. Not everyone does it but you DEFINITELY DID!

- Kim Bardakian | Director of PR & Partnerships. Visit Oakland

Working with Lisa was always a pleasure. She's a good writer and a consummate professional, meeting deadlines and receiving criticism or suggestions with equal ease.

- A. Morris, Editor, Travel and Enjoy Magazine

National WWII Museum - New Orleans, LA

Dear Lysa,

It was a please meeting and spending time with you during our New Orleans journalist tour. Thank you for your quick response in sending us your articles. As always, it is a pleasure to work with you.

- Lea Sinclair, Director of Communications, New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation


Thank you so much for e-mailing these articles. I have forwarded them on to our tourism partners and our Board, and I know they will be very pleased with this coverage. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You gave us so much coverage, and such great coverage -- and in a state that we rarely get coverage! We really appreciate it and all the follow up that you've done with me as well. Please don't hesitate to ask if I can ever be of further assistance.

- Melissa DeDonder, Communications Coordinator, Visit Topeka Inc.

Wow!!! What wonderful articles about Eureka! Thanks for sending them, and please come back any time! We'll take good care of you.

- Ken Rundel, CAPC Publicist - Eureka Springs, Arkansas

The photos and story about Houmas House were outstanding. Thank you so much. I truly enjoyed reading it all.

- Kevin Kelly, Proprietor – Houmas House Plantation and Gardens, Darrow (New Orleans) Louisiana

Dear Lysa,

I cannot thank you enough for the great article in the New York Amsterdam News. We are getting more visitors these days, many from out of town. Little by little this “hidden gem” will be uncovered, shined up, and out there for the world to see in all its historic glory.

Thank you again.

- Adrienne D. Windley, Director of Development and Marketing, Fort Des Moines Museum and Education Center

Wow, you captured everything you experienced just right!!! Great job. My executive director was also very pleased with the articles. I loved the fact that you spread it out over a series. Thank you so much for your time and for your kind words.

- Denise Stokes, PR/Communications Manager, Frisco Convention and Visitors Bureau


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