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Manifesting what appears in your life, I believe, is Spiritual Law: It will happen whether you are conscious of it or not, and at the same vibration or frequency you are putting out. That is to say that if you look for the negative in life, that is what will continue to appear. And if you look for the positive, then…you get the idea.

Then there is the really unexpected kind of manifestation that knocks my socks off, every time!

A few days ago I had tea with a friend and we were talking about a vision board I created several years ago and how so many of the things on it were now showing up in my life. Likewise, there was a list of things she desired and had written down many years ago that had long slipped her mind. When she happened upon it more than a decade later, she was amazed at all that had come to fruition since that time.

The day after our get together, I was cleaning out some old boxes and found three framed Certificates of Completion for courses I apparently took during the 1990s, that for the life of me I cannot remember. They are:

Write a Book in 2 Weeks
Self-Publishing Your Own Book
Become a Successful Author

I was stunned!

Not only do I not remember these courses (which is very unusual for me to forget something like that) but yes, I had self-published my first book last July and yes, I am now a successful author, motivational speaker and workshop facilitator (and no, the book took longer to write than 2 weeks!).

So set your intention, ask the Universe for what you want, and be open to receiving all that you desire in the right timing because you CAN manifest your best life NOW!


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