Mindfulness by the Sea

Journal Entry – Monday, October 14, 2019


I’m sitting on the beach staring at the Atlantic Ocean at a spot I found after riding my bike north on AIA from Oakland Park Blvd. It’s already hot at 8:40am, but there is a bit of a breeze blowing off of the undulating waves.

Its been a while since I’ve journaled, and a lot has transpired:

A day in Annapolis.

A brief visit with a new Soul Sister in Woodbridge, VA.

An overnight visit and dinner at Ashten’s Restaurant (of course!) in Southern Pines, NC.

A late evening and early morning in St. Augustine wasn’t enough, but I made a real connection with “Joan” and “Debbie” [not their real names], my mother’s friends who were looking forward to hosting her about a year ago [before she passed away unexpectedly]. But she came to visit in the form of a beautiful little green bird to remind us she was still here.

Ft. Lauderdale has been AMAZING! Connections with friends, services at the Center for Spiritual Living, my book talk, bike riding, the gym twice, LOTS of dog walking (my legs are awesome now!), numerous beach visits, an independent film, lots of time with “John” [not his real name] (he still just wants to be friends) and lots of yummy eating (duh!): Bowlicious, Lucky’s Market, Switchbox Coffee Roasters, Versailles, Vegan Brüder, The Alchemist (twice), Las Orquideas tonight, another new place tomorrow with “Alice” [not her real name], another one of Mom’s friends, and who knows, maybe one other place.

Versailles Restaurant
The Alchemist, Wilton Manors
Vegan Brüder

I also met and booked a talk and workshop back here in March (Yahoo!) and am meeting with someone else tomorrow from the public library that may be a booking as well.

My takeaways:

1) Life is good.

2) On a long-term and certainly every 3 months AT LEAST, I HAVE TO BE NEAR THE BEACH. That is a non-negotiable. It’s where I’m spiritually fed—always has been—and it’s as much of a necessity as breathing for me.

3) I needed to be, and now am, intentional about co-creating with the Universe the intimate relationship I desire.

4) I love eating vegan and dipping off every once-in-a-while when I desire is OK. There are no rules. I’ll do what works for me on any given day. Nevertheless, I love supporting myself mind, body and spirit through a plant-based lifestyle: food, body and cleaning products, environmental factors, connecting with Spirit – the Source of it all.

5) It hasn’t sunk in yet that my vision board and desires of the heart to enjoy a Nomad Lifestyle—an empty nester without a nest—has come to fruition. Its only been 6 weeks or so but I’ll bet the two upcoming visits back to Kansas City where I’ll be with friends one time, another in a temporary rental, will starting the “seeping process.”

6) I can’t wait to see my babies (always!), now young men, this coming weekend in Nashville with Joseph and the following one with William in Manhattan. I’m so very proud of them and of myself for how I struggled, scrimped, saved, and prayed to get them to the next level.

7) I love myself just the way I am and I believe in myself, because I am far more than I know.

And so it is. Amen.


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