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My Inaugural Book Talk!

Today was an exciting day – my inaugural book talk for I Cried and People Loved Me Anyway.

It was the culmination of two years of incredibly hard work, not just with what it takes to write, edit, and publish a book, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation I had to undergo to even get to this point.

I was a bit nervous prior to the talk, given the stress of packing everything needed to take to the Center for Spiritual Living Kansas City where I held the event, getting your table all set up, coordinating with the various people helping you with payments, signing books as people arrived, and so on.

But once it was time for me to get up in front of everybody and actually read from my beautiful new book—followed by a Q&A session—things flowed really well.

I was especially proud to have both of my beautiful sons—Joseph and William—with me who were so loving and supportive. I could see the pride on their faces as well as the love they were sharing with me.

There were about 50 people in attendance, many of them were friends from different areas of my life that have always loved and supported me from near and far.

For them to come and help me launch this exciting new chapter in my career and life was beyond anything I could describe. Suffice to say I was overflowing with love - from and to them.

In a few weeks I will embark upon my inaugural book tour, spanning five weeks and several states. I'm so excited about the places I will visit, some of which I have scheduled ahead of time; others still unknown.

Looking back at my vision board, it still floors me sometimes how much this all came to fruition, even if it were six years later than when I thought it would be, AND on a totally different subject (my first idea for writing a book was about my, at that point, almost 20 years as a travel writer and all the funny things that happen on the road).

But spirit had a different plan for me and I Cried and People Loved Me Anyway was the book that was to be my first.

For all of you who were able to attend, those who purchased books, and those who spread the word, I am immensely grateful. Your love and support mean everything to me.

Special thanks goes out to Stacy Miller with ShineOn KC Photography for taking the photographs for the front and back of my book, for my publicity shots, and also for coming out to surprise me by taking photos of the event; Natasha El-Scari for her love and support throughout the writing and publishing process, and for her expert guidance in how to create a successful book talk event; Jenny Hahn with Jenny Hahn Studio for creating my amazing jacket cover; Ted Tronnes for his graphic design guidance and expertise for my book and website; Mark Szymanski for creating my bookmarks; Mark Hayes for your continued prayers and lovely event introduction; and Ken Stinnett for his beautiful video shooting and editing of the event.

And last but certainly not least I have to again mention Joseph and William—my two hearts walking on the outside of my body—whom I love more than I could possibly imagine. It's really funny because a few days before the event I said they could wear whatever they wanted but asked that they at least dress up a little bit. Turns out we all had the same color scheme in mind! This will always be one of my favorite photos with them.

I hope you both have learned a lot from your mom's book and that being yourself with true authenticity, passion, and purpose is the only way to live. And I hope that my successes and challenges will inspire you to keep going in your life. I love you both to the moon and back!

Love and blessings to you all,

Lysa Allman-Baldwin, new author!


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