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Nausea Relief from Blisslets

Do you seek relief from nausea using acupressure wristbands but hate the ugly, 1970s aerobics sweatband look? Then check out what is billed as “the only nausea relief bracelets that are also beautiful jewelry” – Blisslets.

What started out for Founder Katie Aparicio as an attempt to alleviate her pregnancy-induced nausea, is now a fashion-forward, discreet alternative for any kind of motion sickness—whether caused by boats, vehicles, migraines, seasonal illnesses, chemotherapy, vertigo, playing virtual reality games, and yes – pregnancy.

Blisslets work the same way as the traditional (and ugly) motion sickness bracelets by applying pressure to the P6 acupressure point on your wrists. Made using quick-drying, breathable materials should they get wet, they are also versatile for all occasions.

A very cool thing about these nausea relief bracelets is that they come in great designs for women AND men.

For women there are several in the Classics Collection——and all named after women. Among them are the Edit Duo, Sofia Duo, and Cecelia + Aria, just to name a few.

The fellas have several stylish, comfortable designs inspired by the sailing life, including the Sydney Duo, Easton Duo, and Nantucket + Easton, among others.

And in case you’re wondering, “Duo” is in the names because it is recommended that you wear both bracelets in each set for maximum results.

The beauty—literally and figuratively—of these bracelets is that they look just like jewelry, and you can mix and match them with other Blisslets sets.

For more information and to check out both of the Blisslets collections for men and women, go to the website:


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