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No Coincidences, Only Divine Appointments

There are no coincidences, only Divine Appointments.

So, I am walking along Haywood Road in West Asheville looking at all of the cute stores and restaurants and one named Instant Karma West speaks to me and I go in.

As I am looking at the clothes a young couple are doing the same and the man says, “Hey I know you! We saw you at the North Carolina Visitor Center rest stop a few days ago!”

Sure enough, we were all looking at the racks of brochures at the Visitor Center off I-40 East just across the North Carolina state line. So, we start talking and they are in Asheville for the first time to celebrate their anniversary, and they were coming from…wait for it…Nashville!

I explained that I was just there as well to visit my son at Vanderbilt, then I start telling them about my book tour. When I get to the part about starting out on the tour in Kansas City, the wife says, “We used to live in (wait for it again) Kansas City! We moved from there to Nashville!”

Small world and only Divine Appointments ya’all!

The lady running the store (the feisty redhead you see here, whose title is “Merrymaker”) was astonished and joined right in with us on the Divine Synchronicity, saying, “This just proves how we are all one!”

It was an awesome encounter, on an awesome adventure!

Bring it on, Spirit!


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