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On Stoney Creek

This was my view at dawn this morning:

My home for the next 2-1/2 days is a quaint and very comfortable AirBnB in Pasadena, MD, set along a little crook of Stoney Creek just 30 minutes south of downtown Baltimore.

The setting is spectacular and I chose to sit here by the dock for my morning meditation while taking in sweeping views of the creek, soaring verdant tree lines, and boats resting in their slips for the night while watching the still waters and listening to the natural wildlife as it stirs for the first time as the sun rises.

Even the rustling squirrels, twittering birds, and chirping frogs and crickets seem to be in harmony here.

As I meditated I was overcome with gratitude, just letting it wash over me, realizing once again that this is what I not only get to do for a living, but actually manifested as part of my dream of traveling around the world at-will once beyond the hands-on child-rearing years which started about a month ago.

It really is amazing what the universe will reveal when you put your dreams, goals and desires deep into your heart, mind and soul.

Life. Is. Beautiful.

This is not at all an intended pitch for AirBnb, nor am I being compensated by them in anyway, but if you haven’t tried AirBnB yet you’re missing out! It is one of the best places to find awesome accommodation options for every budget and travel need and desire. Check it out for yourself and get $40 off your first trip with this promo code:


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