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Lysa is a delightful, engaging, loving and personable motivational speaker whose mission – through the written and spoken word – is to help others live a life full of passion, authenticity, and purpose.

Her interactive workshops are designed to engage, empower and inspire participants with practical tools that promote and support good mental health, self-awareness and spiritual growth, and include interactive activities (at participants’ comfort level), a Q&A session, and take-away materials for continued practice and reflection at home.


Removing Writers Block: Proven strategies to move through what is holding you back

It happens to every writer. It’s inevitable. Your prose has turned to mush, you don’t have a creative bone left in your body, and you want to throw in the towel ... Every writer struggles with it. But what you do with it is what really matters.” ~ Jeff Goins

This popular workshop is for both aspiring and established writers who want to bring their words, stories and experiences to the printed page.

In it you’ll learn how to:

  • Remove the fear that often comes up around writing

  • Let go of past “failures” and view them instead as opportunities

  • Overcome procrastination, perfectionism, and the pressure to “do it again” (if, for example, you’ve already published a successful article, book, screenplay, etc.)

  • Embrace the process of writing

  • Create an inspiring workspace

  • Set an intention for writing

Holiday Blues: Practical tools to deal with sadness during the holidays

Whether we feel ready for it or not, the holidays are here. And while we may be looking forward to shopping, get-togethers with family and friends, and other festivities, this time of year (and how to navigate all of that during a pandemic) can also bring up sadness, loneliness, depression, and other feelings. This workshop has been designed to offer practical tools for dealing with the holiday blues by showing attendees how to more easily identify their feelings, engage with and enjoy the gifts of the season, and set a new course for happiness all year long.

In the workshop participants will:

  • EXPERIENCE a safe, supportive environment for listening, being heard, and understood

  • EXPLORE the root cause of their sadness, loneliness, and other feelings

  • LEARN powerful, practical tools to deal with their feelings around this time of the year (and beyond)

  • RECEIVE follow-up handouts of everything discussed to help support them at home.

It’s Never Too Late to REWRITE Your Childhood Stories

When it comes to our childhood, whether we say it was “good” or perhaps “bad,” the interpretations we made about the events and situations during that time have a profound effect and play an integral role in how we navigate through life as adults. As such, the subconscious beliefs through which we filter all of our life experiences sometimes operate us from the shadows, instead of us operating them.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Tap into your childhood to uncover the core issues of the triggers that keep sabotaging you

  • Acknowledge, listen to, and support your younger self from the position of your older, wiser self

  • More closely examine your old childhood stories in order to separate “fact from fiction”

  • Step out into the world in a greater way that supports living an authentic life filled with passion and purpose

Become Friends with your Fear Lizard: The Gateway to Freedom

We all have a fear lizard. It’s a little creature that hops up onto our shoulders and starts feeding us a bunch of lies; lawlessly running around in its misguided attempts to keep us safe. “FEAR”—False Evidence Appearing Real—is its superpower and it can be deeply rooted into our subconscious mind based on a primitive way of thinking. But our fear lizard can also be a very valuable tool by teaching it to change from giving us negative input, to positive input. The habit of a new story is what we need to feed it.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify the root cause of your fear

  • Reframe your old fear stories

  • Become friends with your fear lizard

  • Use fear as a powerful, positive tool

Three (3) Class Series: Thriving in the Midst of Change

Change is the only “constant in life” and we don’t always get to choose how it comes about. Sometimes it’s easy, other times it pushes us beyond our comfort zone, and then there are those occasions when every step seems so damn hard! Whether it’s a move, divorce, season of the year, unexpected medical diagnosis, child leaving the nest, new job (or job loss), the next stage of life, death of a loved one … change is inevitable.

Yet all of these circumstances offer an incredible opportunity to gently let go of the old and powerfully embrace the new. It’s not about just surviving - but thriving in the midst of change.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover what you may be resisting and/or why you may be resistant to change

  • How to weather both the steady and unbalanced rhythms and cycles of life

  • Practice the power of radical forgiveness

  • Embrace the lessons and blessings hidden within any circumstance

  • Tap into what really interests you, lights a fire in your belly, and makes your heart sing!

Gift yourself a gift by participating in one or more of these popular workshops!


Lysa also speaks and facilitates workshops and book signings at book clubs, churches and spiritual centers, yoga studios, conferences, corporations, and in other social and professional settings and venues.

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“Lysa’s natural speaking and teaching skills brought insight to the group, and her transparency allowed the workshop attendees to open up about their experiences, and to begin to heal. The feedback from those who attended was positive, and we look forward to inviting her back in the future.”

~ Mary Salerno, Administrator, Center of Unity, Grapevine, TX

“Lysa’s got a great speaking style and explains things well. Well done! I enjoyed it!”

~ Kansas City, MO attendee

“Lysa is thoughtful, knowledgeable and engaging.”

~ S. Sanders

“I have never wanted to attend group therapy, but I really enjoyed the workshop despite being anxious about sharing.”

~Austin, TX attendee

“I enjoyed [Lysa’s] ease and flow with which the workshop was delivered.”

~ G. Johnson

“The power that Lysa brings to her workshops is very evident. Participants feel a strong personal connection with her as she shares her personal experience. Her honesty and truths empower those around her. It becomes a gift with grace and resolve to move forward.”

~ Joseph H.


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