Today I went to Progresso for the whole day and it is very beautiful! I actually had a very relaxing time.

I walked through their central market had breakfast at a lonchería there—scrambled eggs, rice, black beans and corn tortillas—took the Progresso City Tour which was very interesting, then walked along the Malecón for a bit until I found a perfect beach spot where I ended up staying all day in a lounge chair with my new friend Julio bringing me a mojito, then a shrimp quesadilla.

I read, swam 3X, napped, walked along the sand, ate and drank – finally leaving about 5 to walk back to town to take the bus back.

Off and on today I had mini-crying spells, not necessarily attached to any specific events, rather more feelings that naturally ebb and flow as they’ll do from time to time.

Nevertheless, I loved the solitude and will always remember the peace and tranquility I felt in this beautiful place.


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