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Thank you, CSL Tucson!

I love visiting Arizona (especially in the Fall!) and was so honored to have been invited to give the Sunday lesson at the Center for Spiritual Living Tucson.

The Sunday services are held at the Donald R. Nickerson Performing Arts Center (3231 N. Craycroft Rd) which is a very beautiful venue and the people here, including Spiritual Leader Rev. Janis Farmer, are so warm and welcoming.

My lesson was called, “Illuminating Our Stories.” In it, I talked about how we all have a story – a collection of experiences we’ve had in our lives. But we often latch onto the challenging ones, making them the central narrative our subconscious mind uses to filter current and future experiences.

However, by separating that facts of what happened in a given situation from our interpretation of what happened, we can make conscious choices guided by our Higher Selves about whether or not those stories are serving us any longer.

Afterwards, many people told me they resonated with the message, some sharing their challenges—past and present—and their willingness to reframe them in order to chart a new conscious path for the future.

Later that afternoon I facilitated a workshop at the CSL Tucson Office & Education Center (located just a few minutes away at 911 S. Craycroft Rd.). The title was Holiday Blues: Overcoming Sadness During the Holidays. During it, we not only discussed the various reasons why we feel the blues during this time of year, but also engaged in several exercises to help us more aptly tap into our specific feelings, and how to address and/or reframe them to lighten our mental, emotional, and physical load.

The attendees were so open and willing to share their challenges and joys during this particular time of the year, creating a very heart-centered experience for all.

Overall, it was a wonderful, spirit-led day and I was equally blessed, if not more, for having the opportunity to share in sacred community here.

Thank you again, Center for Spiritual Living Tucson!


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