The First 90 Days

It’s hard to believe, but today makes 90 days that I have been on the road full-time! The countdown was really on in the beginning of August when my kids, Joseph and William, and I had our Grand Adventure Party going-away celebration at our beloved Center for Spiritual Living Kansas City.

Our Grand Adventure Going Away Party

From there the clock kept ticking, the time filled with selling almost all of my worldly goods; years’ worth of possessions reduced to an 8’X10’ storage space—keepsakes, precious artwork, holiday decorations for when the kids and I are renting an AirBnB in town during their winter breaks from college, those pesky you-have-to-keep-them-for-seven-years tax papers, and winter clothes (those for ONLY when I choose to be in a cooler weather destination. No more full seasons of cold, ice and snow!), and what was going with me in my car (now equipped with an “attic” and “basement”) on the road.

On Saturday, August 24 I left my hometown of the last 19 years and set off to embark upon my long-held dream.

Day One!

My first stop was Manhattan, KS, about two hours west, to take my youngest son, William, to Move-in Day at Kansas State University. I wasn’t sure what my emotions would be like that day – it was, after all, a long and sometimes arduous journey through general information research, applications, scholarship and financial aid options, college visits (10 of them in two years!), learning what he thought he wanted in a college experience, and of course saving for years to have as much money as possible to do what needed to be done when the time came.

Kansas State Move-in Day

When we got there, I could feel nothing but pride that despite the ups and downs that naturally came with the process we were here, and he was so excited about this new chapter in his life.

From there I began driving east. To date, I have stopped and done travel writing stories in Louisville, Lexington, Charleston, WV, Baltimore, Annapolis, Staunton, VA, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Sedona.

St. Augustine, Florida
New York

Boynton Beach, FL

I have also visited friends and family in Bridgeport, WV, Allentown, PA, a few places in the New York Area (and enjoyed a wonderful Sunday service at Unity of Flushing), Woodbridge, VA, Southern Pines, NC, St. Augustine, St. Pete Beach and Groveland, FL, Nashville, back in the Kansas City area, Albuquerque and Tucson.

In between all of that I enjoyed my first housesitting gig in Ft. Lauderdale, where I spent 3-1/2 glorious weeks within 10 minutes of the beach – an environment that has always fed me mind, body and spirit. And I had, and made, lots of friends in the area so it was wonderful to have all of those elements around me—“surrogate” pets, sand and surf, wonderful people, and of course lots of great culinary adventures!

Pennsylvania State Capitol

To my trifecta States, Capital City, and Capitol Building Bucket List I added West Virginia and Charleston, Harrisburg, PA, Maryland and Annapolis, and Phoenix, bringing those numbers to 44, 23, and 16, respectively.

The career front has been busy as well.

I was so grateful to be able to give the Sunday lesson at the Scottsdale Center for Living, and on December 1 at the Tucson Center for Spiritual Living, the Annual Business Fair and a workshop at the Unity of Phoenix Spiritual Center (I have another one there on December 4), and book talks and signings at the Center for Spiritual Living Ft. Lauderdale and Unity of Sedona.

All told, I have driven 5,658 miles to date!

So, what are my biggest takeaways 90 days in, you ask? Well, here are my thoughts:

* I LOVE the solitude of driving on the road! Whether its in silence or with the radio, music or an audiobook playing in the background, I have a lot of time to contemplate my life as I traverse near and far.

Dodge City, Kansas

* The landscape of this country is spectacular, and I have seen so many roads, big and small towns, and vistas that just take your breath away!

* I don’t miss having a “place to call home.” I have had this dream for so long that I’m really enjoying being “home-free.” However, I do prefer to be in one location for at least a week at a time, wherever possible to keep myself grounded and give myself some sense of place.

The Churchill - Phoenix, Arizona

* Because I’m still working for a living—with my laptop as my office—I don’t get out to see as many things as I thought I would. But I’m making a concerted effort to work more exploration time into my schedule – like food, my all-time favorite adventure!

* I have to watch the weather carefully. Since I do travel around so much, checking the temperature and radar sometimes two or three states in front of me is a necessity, as they have a direct bearing on where I go, how long it will take me to get there, if I need to have a Plan B, etc.

A scenic overlook in Northwest Maryland

* People seem to be in awe of what I’m doing, many saying they think I’m basically a badass and wish they had the balls to do the same thing. I take it as a compliment!

* Although I miss my children (well, they’re young men now!), I don’t miss the years long, day-to-day, hands-on parenting tasks: soccer practice, basketball games, track meets, band and other school performances, doctor visits, play dates, constant grocery shopping and preparing meals, etc. But whether I was on the road full-time or not, this season of my life would have come, and I’m enjoying the freedom it brings.

* I’m pro football starving! So far it just happened to work out that I’ve been speaking or traveling on a Sunday, and/or the place where I’m staying doesn’t get a stations or I can’t access the games on my laptop, so I have missed out on a lot of the season. This is something I have to correct because I NEED my weekly NFL fix!

Center for Spiritual Living Ft. Lauderdale

* I meet some of the most interesting people! Some are at gas stations and rest stops along the way, others at events, through friends or relatives, or just out and about. As a people person and extravert, this suits me just fine!

* My travel, speaking, workshop and book talk calendar is filling up fast! To date I have events scheduled into August of 2020!

And last but certainly not least, I’m grateful every day for this experience and somewhat flabbergasted, but at the same time not at all surprised, how Spirit has helped me co-create the life of my dreams, one that I envisioned and put to paper on a Vision Board many years ago, but often wondered if any of it would come true.

It just goes to show what happens when I take my hands off the wheel, so to speak, and ALLOW Spirit to work in, through, and as me.

Blessings and more updates and adventures to follow!


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