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The Seelbach Hilton Louisville

In Louisville, KY you can find a wide array of accommodation options, from national and international chain hotels and motels, to intimate bed and breakfast inns, short term rentals, and more.

Among them is The Seelbach Hilton Louisville.

Opened in 1905 by two brothers from Bavaria, the hotel has been deemed “equal parts historical landmark and architectural masterpiece.”

The architecture here is stunning, still reminiscent of the worldwide influences from Turkey, the West Indies, Persia, Ireland, France, and other parts of Europe infused into every aspect of the hotel by its founders who had very refined and expensive tastes. The marble, lighting, rugs and more are still evident of these early features today.

The Seelbach also played a central role in Prohibition here during the 1920s, as many bootleggers used the cellars of the hotel to ply their trade. This was also an attractive feature for the many notorious gangsters of the day who frequented Louisville, including names like George Remus, Lucky Luciano, Al Capone, and Dutch Schultz, just to name a few.

Perhaps its most famous visitor was writer F. Scott Fitzgerald who drew inspiration from the hotel for his most famous novel, The Great Gatsby.

“Lavish elegance is a great way to describe The Seelbach, yet that backdrop melds wonderfully with today’s warm, inviting, and comfortable ambiance for all guests, from A-List celebs, actors, and politicians, to “everyday” tourists from around the world.

The hotel features a wide array of rooms and suites to suit any need and desire, some including separate parlors, cathedral ceilings, carved-oak fireplaces, and other distinctive features.

Part of your stay here includes use of the hotel fitness center which is as large and completely equipped as a traditional fitness facility, same-day dry cleaning -service, a Business Center, and babysitting services. There is also an array of meeting, conference room and private event spaces as well.

A favorite city wine and spirits stop is the Old Seelbach Bar here. Situated along the Louisville Urban Bourbon Trail, this 1900's bar features made-from-scratch cocktails (believe it or not, including Kentucky limestone water dispensed from old-fashioned seltzer bottles!) and is known for its incredible collection of bourbons for those desiring a true taste of Kentucky.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner there is Gatsby’s on Fourth where interesting gastronomic twists on classic dishes are created with a bevy of seasonal and locally grown ingredients. Think cinnamon roll French toast, a caprese egg white frittata, The Seelbach’s Legendary Kentucky Benedict, a malted Belgian waffle, and white and yellow corn cheese grits for breakfast, and pan seared Verlasso salmon, grilled flat iron steak, smoked Caesar salads, tempura redfish tacos and more for lunch or dinner.

The customer service on every level here is phenomenal, making The Seelbach Hilton Louisville a favorite for travelers from around the world.

There’s so much to see, do, and enjoy in Louisville that we’ve barely scratched the surface! Keep reading about these other exciting aspects of Bourbon City.

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