The Truth about Fear

For about the first 52 years of my life I lived in fear.

And I didn’t even know it.

For starters, I always felt like I really wasn’t good enough.

Deep down I never thought I really had the talent or skills to figure things out on my own.

I was profoundly disappointed in not making more money in a career that I absolutely adored and was carrying around a lot of shame for having to ask family members, at different times in my life, for money.

When something didn't work out - like a job, a friendship, or my marriage, I thought everyone would see me as a failure.

We’ve all heard the acronym for “Fear” - False Evidence Appearing Real.

Some also say - Future Events Already Ruined.

As it turns out, once the last brick in the “I've got it all together” wall I’d built up to shield my heart very unceremoniously—and very publicly—crumbled to the ground, those that I feared would reject me loved me even more.

They didn't see me as flawed, or broken, or worthless at all.

They saw my rawness and vulnerability as permission for them to do the same, to let it all go, to be their true authentic selves, and to learn how to love themselves unconditionally.

Here is a new acronym for Fear:





My breakdown to breakthrough story is part of what I share in my Resilience Based Leadership Signature Program.

Utilizing Resilience Based Leadership within your organization can help your peers, managers, members, and others:

❖ Utilize the knowledge and wisdom gained from previous challenges or perceived “failures” as springboards into future success

❖ Transform old, fear-based, limiting stories into courageous and dynamic leadership skills

❖ Reinterpret “weaknesses” into incredible growth opportunities

Are you ready to inspire others to move from the depths of their own fears into a greatness and self-appreciation they may have never known?

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