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The Wonderful Twos!

For many of us, before we became parents, or as we began our parental journeys, we were warned about the “Terrible Twos” - that age when our beautiful bundles of joy turn into little monsters that test every bit of patience and sometimes get on our last nerve!

In my case I only experienced that with my second child (yes, that was you, William!) and for my oldest child it was the “Trying Threes” (Joseph, just wait til you become a father!)

But this time around I'm talking about “The Wonderful Twos” – the anniversary of my second year of living full time on the road without a set home.

Sandia Crest, New Mexico

Some of you may recall that I wrote about my first anniversary on the road in my post 525,600 Minutes.

To bring you up to speed, at that time I was celebrating a milestone of what originally started as a 15-year plan to move to a Spanish-speaking country (somewhere near a beach!) once both kids were off to college, where I could live on far less than it costs to live in the U.S. AND have a better quality of life.

The location was, at that time, unknown.

Today - August 24, 2021

My destinations since that time have still been determined by a combination of travel writing assignments, speaking, workshops, and book talks, visiting friends and family, housesitting, and wanderlust adventures just for fun!

And all of it has been full of more excitement, meeting great new people, and wonderful adventures than I could have possibly imagined, including a Global Detour thrown in the middle for a few more thrills!

In May my oldest, Joseph, graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, and in September will start a career with the Air Force as a Special Ops Officer with a goal of being on the Search and Rescue Team.

William, my youngest, is still at Kansas State, beginning his junior year in pursuit of an architecture degree.

Across from Jackson Square

In June, the three of us spent a fabulous week in New Orleans! It is one of my favorite cities and was their first time there and they loved every bit of it!

The French Market

We ate, walked, danced, ate, explored, ate (did I say ate already?) and definitely gave the big easy a run for its money!

The next week we returned to Kansas City where I spent a week changing out my clothes in the storage space for the next six months, doctor appointments, visiting with friends, and presiding at my beloved Center for Spiritual Living Kansas City.

Next it was off to more housesitting gigs in Charlotte, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and then Pensacola, where I am as I write this.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

In addition to the aforementioned locales, in the past 12 months I’ve been back to my heart place (and former hometown) - San Francisco; Groveland, FL (twice!); Roanoke, TX; Ft. Lauderdale; Scottsdale; Loudon, TN; and Knoxville.

My trifecta States, Capital City, and Capitol Building Bucket List grew as well – currently standing at 45, 26, and 21, respectively.

It’s hard to believe that today makes two full years—730 days—that I’ve been living on the road full-time without a set home, and what an adventure it has been!

At each state line, time zone, change of climate, accommodation, cityscape, historic site and attraction, and more I do my best to take the time to really soak in the experience – how I’m feeling, what I’m learning, how Spirit continues to show up in my life in new and miraculous ways, other areas and ways to be of service to others, and perhaps most importantly – living into being my true and authentic self, in whatever way I’m able to show up at any particular moment in time.

I’m a work in progress and change—constant change, literally, when one is living a nomadic lifestyle—is my ever-present call to presence.

On the career front, I have really upped my game in terms of outreach for speaking and workshop engagements. This includes many wonderful updates to my website and a brand-new Media Kit! And for that I have to give props to one of my fabulous photographers, Stacy Miller of Shine On KC, and one of my amazing graphic designers, Alex Gilliam. Ladies, without you none of this would have been possible and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

It bears repeating to those who’ve said you admire me and wish you had the balls to do the same thing - thank you! I still take it as a compliment. But you too have the ability and strength to grab life “by the huevos” and create the life of your dreams! It might not look the same way it does for me, but you can find and live true bliss.

My long-held dream is still coming true!

Like I said last year at this time, this challenging time in our world shall pass (and if it could hurry it up that would be great! 😊). Nevertheless, gratitude remains at the heart of my every day spiritual practice and I am still floored by the unexpected surprises reminding me that Spirit is ALWAYS working in, through, and as me—mind, body, and spirit.

Here’s to the next 525,600 minutes to come!


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