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Travel Safe with Urban Wallet

In today’s high-tech world we deal with things like email (of course!), e-news, e-blasts, and other “e”—electronic—situations. But did you ever think about e-pickpocketing?

As we know, there are numerous benefits to the ease and speed of technology and technology products. However, there are challenges that come with technology and those operating under nefarious purposes have access to the same ease and speed as the rest of us.

Enter the use of a wide array of RFID protection products. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, a process where radio signals are emitted from a sensor chip on your debit or credit card for fast identification (note that RFID chips are different from EMV chips which have to come in contact with a payment terminal of some type in order to be activated).

Using a special scanner, hackers can access your debit or credit card data wirelessly and completely undetected until, of course, you find out money is missing from, or that charges have been made to, your account.

RFID wallets are among the widely used RFID protection products on the market and one of the most popular are made by Urban Wallet by Key Smart.

Image courtesy of Key Smart

Offering three different slim varieties—the Urban Slim Wallet, Bi-Fold Wallet and Passport Wallet—the company offers peace of mind for travelers both in their own backyards and further afield.

All of the wallets in the Slim collection feature RFID protection and a built-in Tile tracker and app for added security to track your wallet (or other electronic devices) should it get lost or stolen.

Image courtesy of Key Smart

The Urban Slim holds up to six cards, the Bi-fold holds up to nine cards, and the Passport is the largest size, holding up to 14 cards and an easy-access passport pocket.

Image courtesy of Key Smart

Each are made from Premium Tectuff® Leather, have die-cut card slots to keep the wallet slim when full, and offer 360° RFID protection.

Perfect for men or women, pocket or purse, Urban Wallet offers great 360° RFID protection.


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