Unity of Pensacola!

Pensacola is a beautiful city along the Florida Panhandle, and it was here that I was so honored to have been invited to give the Sunday lesson and facilitate a workshop at Unity of Pensacola!

The church location is very historic, in that it was formerly the Church of the Sacred Heart, built in the Revival Gothic style in 1905.

Today it still retains much of its original beauty and grandeur, including 18 stunning Belgian made stained glass windows.

Rev. Jamie Sanders (R)

The people here, including Rev. Jamie Sanders, are so warm and welcoming and you instantly feel at home once you cross the threshold.

My lesson was called “Your Childhood: Extreme Makeover Edition.” In it I talked about how when it comes to our childhood, whether we say it was “good” or perhaps “bad,” the interpretations we made about the events and situations during that time have a profound effect and play an integral role in how we navigate through life as adults. As such, the subconscious beliefs through which we filter all of our life experiences sometimes operate us from the shadows, instead of us operating them.

However, by separating the facts of what happened in a given situation from our interpretation of what happened, we can make conscious choices guided by our Higher Selves about whether or not those stories are serving us any longer.

Later I facilitated a workshop, “It’s Never too Late to REWRITE Our Childhood Stories,” where we delved further into not only our childhood stories, but the challenging ones in our current lives that can keep us stuck and from moving forward.

The attendees were so open to sharing their very personal situations and challenges, and more importantly, were ready to start reframing them in order to chart a new conscious path for the future.

Overall, it was a wonderful, spirit-led day and I was equally blessed, if not more, for having the opportunity to share in sacred community there.

Thank you again, Unity of Pensacola for your love and support. I look forward to visiting you all again soon!


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