Vegan and Veggie Gastronomic Adventures

Whether due to cultural traditions, health concerns, social trends, or a combination thereof, travelers are increasingly seeking out great vegan and vegetarian restaurants as part of their epicurean adventures. And they're finding much more than just lettuce and tofu.

From quaint neighborhood mom ‘n pop bistros, to A-List restaurants, and everything in between, you—and I mean you die-hard carnivores too!—can find something to suit your taste buds.

Check out this travel buffet of delicious, nutritious, unique, soulful, and outrageously healthy places dotted around the country. This list will make you hungry just looking at it!

Blossom Restaurant (New York City, NY) This quote from one of the restaurant’s co-owners says it all: “My vision for Blossom was to create a place with outstanding food, not just for vegans, but for everyone to enjoy.” And they have achieved that, starting from their original Blossom Restaurant in Chelsea, and later adding one in the West Village, and their newest in the Upper West Side. At each you will find outstanding, innovative vegan fare, such as the Black Eyed Pea Cake made with Yukon gold potatoes, black-eyed peas, and chipotle aioli, and their Port Wine Seitan, pan seared seitan cutlets with a port wine and mushroom sauce served with tempura onion, sautéed spinach, and garlic mashed potatoes.

Plant (Asheville, NC)

Like many vegetarian and vegan restaurants, Plant pairs its menu with a global consciousness dedicated to compassionate lifestyles that are mindful of the environment and what we both give and take from it. Their menu reflects that philosophy, with made from scratch recipes using organic, local, and seasonal produce and spices whenever possible. An example of this is their Tomato Utttapam - onion, avocado, peanut-sesame dukka, soy-ginger syrup, coconut moss, and cabbage, and the Fried Plantains served with sour cream, scall’antro, their special hot sauce, and Maldon salt.

Greens (San Francisco, CA)

It’s no surprise that California would be a hotplate of amazing farm-to-table gastronomic fare, and that is exactly what you will find at Greens. This A-list restaurant rated by some of the top culinary publications in the country has been on the forefront of the green-eating movement since it opened in 1979. Among their most popular fresh options is the Wilted Kale and Brussel Sprout Salad, made with Devoto pink lady apples, slow roasted almonds, shaved Pantaleo, and tossed in a savory Dijon sherry vinaigrette.

Blueberry pancakes similar to these can be found on the Brunch menu at Cafe Sunflower.

Café Sunflower (Atlanta, GA)

Serving a wide variety of vegetarian dishes from the Caribbean, Asia, the American Southwest, and the Mediterranean, Café Sunflower, with two locations, features both vegetarian and vegan options with a unique flavor and flair. A very unusual yet no less scrumptious version of lasagna is their Orzo Lasagna, brimming with roasted portabella mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini, red pepper, orzo pasta, tofu ricotta, and their homemade marinara sauce. From the Caribbean, there’s the Jamaican Black Bean Cakes, made from scratch and topped with a pineapple jerk sauce, accented with cucumber yogurt, and served with sautéed vegetables.

Vedge (Philadelphia, PA)

Although many people use this term to mean zoning out and letting your attention just wander, Vedge in Philly does exactly the opposite, using their vision, culinary prowess, and palate of intricate flavors to offer “a classically elegant dining experience with a progressive, bold approach to cooking.” This vegan joint features menu items such as the Mushrooms “Al Pastor” (a vegan take on the traditional spit-grilled shawarma meat) and Peel ‘n Eat Lupini Beans at Happy Hour, to the Spicy Grilled Tofu with gochujang, edamame, roasted miso, and Yuba cracklin entree. Their creativity crosses over to the beverages as well, including using house-made syrups and bitters in their craft cocktails. One note, plan ahead! The last time I was in Philly I called to make a reservation and they were two weeks out! It must be that good.

Raw juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables are among the specialties at G-Zen Restaurant.

G-Zen (Branford, CT)

What we put into our bodies, again, is just as important and the consciousness behind it. That’s where the name G-Zen came from – a nod to the proprietor’s “G” for their green business ethics and plant-based cuisine, and “Zen” representing living mindfully and in a state of peace and balance in one’s body. Billed as “a refuge for many seeking sustainable, organic and vegetarian friendly food,” the plates are a farm full of flavor, like the organic French toast with Vermont maple syrup, scrambled tofu and tempeh bacon, breakfast burritos, acai berry bowls with sprouted raw granola, and other items served during their “Buddha Brunch.” Among their organic juices and smoothies is the Tree of Life - organic Medjool dates, maca root, lacuma powder, mesquite powder, almond milk, Ceylon cinnamon, vanilla bean, and banana topped with raw cacao nibs.

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