Why I Travel

I love those funny collages floating around created with a handful of images contrasting the perception around a certain profession or topic, e.g. working mothers, a dog’s life, personal trainers, superheroes, and so on.

The meme about travel writers looks like this:

I have to agree with all of them, as the life of a travel writer is multifaceted and can resemble any of those images, on any given day (and sometimes all in the same day!). But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

My mother instilled in me a love of travel when I was a young girl. I found I could not only enjoy many incredible experiences all over the world but could also share with others how they, too, could broaden their understanding of, and appreciation for, other people, cultures, languages, traditions, foods, music and so much more.

To date, I have visited over 20 countries, almost all of the U.S. states, and countless big cities, small towns and villages in between – and that list is continually growing!

Throughout those journeys, I have written features for a variety of print and online travel publications, including SoulOfAmerica, Travel Squire, Chevrolet New Roads Magazine, the New York Amsterdam Newspaper, Virgin Atlantic, Group Travel Leader and VisitKC, just to name a few.

In 2014, I launched Amazing Escapades: Adventures for the Mind, Bod and Belly

featuring exotic destinations, accommodations, attractions, cuisine, spas and resorts, tours and transportation, Ebony Escapes (African American-focused), themed travel, travel necessities (clothing, gear, technology, etc.), giving back through travel, and more.

Authenticity & Purpose now encompasses many of those same exciting travel features, in addition to showcasing my availability as a motivational speaker, author and workshop facilitator.

I also offer a variety of sponsorship and promotional opportunities including:

Sponsored Content

Advertorial Content

Affiliate Links

Product Reviews

Guest Post Exchanges

Press Trips

Travel is a gift I am grateful for every day, and one that I am proud to share all over the globe with passion, authenticity and purpose. Thank you for journeying with me. I look forward to our blossoming, kindred friendship!

For sponsorship and promotional opportunities, if you would like me to visit and write about your destination, accommodation, attraction, restaurant or other travel-related entity, or to request a media kit, please contact me at Lysa@AuthenticityAndPurpose.com


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