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Lysa offers leadership strategies that promote authentic and purposeful living.  Following is a brief overview of her four (4) Signature Programs:


Empowerment Based Leadership

  • Learn how to identify negative patterns of thought that have been deeply rooted in your subconscious mind

  • Transform your inner critic into an ally that supports authentic and intentional living

  • Create a clear vision and new inner voice to help chart a new conscious path for the future


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 Revision Based Leadership

  • Learn how to examine your old childhood stories in order to separate “fact from fiction”

  • Shed the weight of unresolved sadness, blame, and unforgiveness

  • Rewrite and reframe the meaning behind previous experiences in order to more fully live in the present moment


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 Resilience Based Leadership

  • Learn how to recognize past challenges as stepping-stones toward greater resilience

  • Appreciate your vulnerabilities as avenues for personal and professional growth

  • Create new ways to share your truth in order to motivate and guide others toward their own greatness


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 Personal Based Leadership

  • Tap into your own mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual rhythms and cycles

  • Transform feelings of imbalance into steadfastness and informed direction

  • Learn how to deepen your sense of wholeness


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