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Leadership Strategies that Promote Authentic and Purposeful Living


“Believe in Yourself!  You Are More Than You Know.”


Lysa Allman-Baldwin is a dynamic, gifted, sought-after speaker, workshop facilitator, and writer who delivers valuable and effective leadership and self-empowerment tools for authentic and purposeful living.  


Lysa is also the author of the highly acclaimed book, I Cried. And People Loved Me Anyway.  Her second book is currently in the works.


Beginning with small, intimate focus groups, gradually moving to large auditoriums, sanctuaries, and performance and event spaces, Lysa has spent over two decades expanding and refining her natural gift for encouraging others to reach higher levels of personal and professional growth.


Widely recognized for her powerful, engaging, and authentic messages delivered with the highest integrity and professionalism, Lysa possesses a unique ability to engage and connect with both in-person and virtual audiences through personal experiences delivered with unapologetic honesty and truth - in turn empowering those around her to do the same.  


Proactively engaged in developing the rich potentiality in every experience, Lysa’s well-received workshops provide compelling leadership and self-empowerment tools.  In addition to being a skilled presenter, Lysa is engaging, relatable, and personable with a delightful sense of humor and natural speaking and teaching skills.  Her messages can be geared to any specific audience, using relevant examples and stories that motivate, educate, and entertain.


One of Lysa’s proudest moments was in 2019 when she was one of the featured presenters at a multi-day women’s leadership conference in Kansas City, MO.  Her message captured the audience, leaving them with a clear understanding that they have never been more powerful than when standing in their own authenticity and vulnerability.  Lysa’s natural sense of presence, knowledge, clarity, and love not only provided the attendees with a solid blueprint for rewriting their self-limiting stories, but also encouraged and empowered them to open up about their own experiences - and to begin to heal.

As a confident, outgoing person, I have always enjoyed making personal connections and reveling in the joys of life. And it’s been equally rewarding to share my struggles and do what I can to instill hope in people who may be feeling lost or uninspired.

 ~ Lysa Allman-Baldwin

Lysa is a frequent guest of the media, inspiring others through her energizing spirit of adventure and personal stories.  Aptly demonstrating how to recognize, examine, and rewrite the often limiting, victim stories of the human experience, she demonstrates how to move from the quicksand of adversity into a new paradigm of thinking and being. 


Lysa has also appeared on The Conscious PIVOT Podcast with internationally known TEDx speaker and expert in professional and personal reinvention Adam Markel, the Leading Ladies Leaving Legacies podcast with motivational speaker and signature style specialist Joy Ruffen-Oake, the Travel Planner's Radio Show, the Belize TV Show Morning Matters, Voices for a New Humanity with speaker, author, and transformational catalyst Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson, and on the Redefining Resilience speaker series, just to name a few.


To view Lysa’s current engagements check out her interactive event calendar.

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