Lysa is a delightful, engaging, loving and personable soul whose mission – through the written and spoken word – is to help others live a life full of passion, authenticity and purpose.


Having written feature stories, travel articles and reviews covering a variety of topics for 25 years, Lysa can tell a story in such a way that readers feel immersed in the experience with her. She translates those skills into compelling speaking engagements that teach audiences about the lessons learned from navigating her own dark and turbulent times through vulnerability and authenticity.


She understands the human experience encompasses both breakdowns and breakthroughs and is highly sought after for inspiring others who may question or want to explore the terrain of their own greatness.


Lysa speaks at conferences, churches and spiritual centers, book clubs, nonprofits, on panel discussions, and in other professional and social settings with ease and grace. Her talks can be tailored to fit a particular theme, topic or focus, and may include a book-signing opportunity, meditation and prayer and/or a Q&A session.

To experience some of Lysa’s motivational talks, visit her YouTube channel.  She also recently appeared as a guest on The Conscious PIVOT Podcast with Adam Markel, an internationally known TEDx speaker and expert in professional and personal reinvention.

As a confident, outgoing person, I have always enjoyed making personal connections and reveling in the joys of life. And it’s been equally rewarding to share my struggles and do what I can to instill hope in people who may be feeling lost or uninspired.

 ~ Lysa Allman-Baldwin

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