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My workshops are designed to engage, empower, and inspire attendees by inspiring them to live with passion, authenticity, and purpose.


K-12 Students

For students from grades K-12, I offer several virtual and in-person Life Skills courses on a platform called Lesson aLIVE

Created to inspire and empower students and educators by incorporating real-world experiences into the educational curriculum, Lesson aLIVE provides unique educational opportunities for learners, educators, professionals, and motivational speakers to realize their own potential and transform their lives and our global community.   


In my courses I provide an overall framework for addressing a particular topic, interactive hands-on activities, and time at the end as an open floor Q&A session.  They can also be customized as necessary to meet educator and audience needs.

For more information, check out my educator profile and course offerings on LessonaLIVE.com.



My virtual and in-person workshops for adults include practical tools that promote and support good mental health, self-awareness and spiritual growth, interactive activities, and other group elements.


Presented at conferences, churches, book clubs, organizations, and in other social and professional settings, they are typically 1-2 hours in length and include a guided meditation, group sharing (at attendees’ comfort level), a Q&A session, and take-away materials for continued practice and reflection at home.

Click this link to learn more about my workshop strategies that engage, empower, and inspire!


Sample workshop themes:


“The Bad News is the Good News”

A Radical Forgiveness perspective to understanding the “bad things” that happen to us, and how to transform and see them through the lens of Divine Perfection.


“Sticks and Stones May Break Our Bones”

An exploration of the parallel between my own tangible, human experience of a bike accident and broken elbow, and the spiritual Truths learned about consciousness, service and loving oneself.


“Thriving in the Midst of Change”

Working through fear, shame, anger, guilt, unworthiness, feeling unlovable and other identities and emotions we put upon ourselves to help pull us through and on the road to not just surviving, but thriving in alignment with our highest vision and purpose.


“Your Childhood, Extreme Makeover Edition”

Separating "fact from fiction” to reframe and rewrite our old (and usually far outdated) childhood stories and chart a new conscious path for the future.


These are just a few examples of the successful topics I have shared with audiences and workshop attendees. I am also able to create a specific message tailored to a particular theme, topic, or focus of your choosing. 

For a list of currently scheduled events, check out my interactive Event Calendar.