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Ruth A. Aisabokhae

I led the planning team that invited Lysa to facilitate a two-session leadership training for a subgroup of the Blacks at Microsoft Employee Resource Group (BAM) Worldwide. The sessions were engaging, thought-provoking, and well-structured, and created meaningful dialogues between the attendees about how to explore new and established ways of thinking about leadership, progress, and success. The enthusiasm and positive feedback we received indicated that Lysa’s presentation offered great value in helping to empower and support the continued growth and development of our BAM Community, and other Employee Resource Groups, across our organization. In a nutshell, Lysa's interactive sessions were impactful, and we gained tangible, eye-opening insights and actionable next steps. I highly recommend her as a speaker/facilitator!

~ Ruth A. Aisabokhae Ph.D.

Chief of Staff, Power Apps, Microsoft

Aliza Bloom Robinson

When I first met Lysa many years ago, I was stuck by her presence, proficiency and attention to detail. When we met again a few years later, she had grown into a well-known, highly sought after international professional speaker, and I’ve witnessed her brilliance countless times. Her authenticity is palpable, her purpose is very clear, and her presentation style is engaging, interactive, and effective – whether she is speaking to a small group or a huge crowd. Lysa embodies her brand: Authenticity and Purpose. I highly recommend her as a keynote speaker, a leadership expert, or a workshop facilitator. You will be delighted!

~ Aliza Bloom Robinson

Professional Speaker, Leadership Expert, Transitional Specialist

Sandra Sage

Lysa is an extremely vibrant personality who shines on stage. I recently had the privilege to hear her speak in Washington DC. Lysa offers up her wisdom that holds the audience through each of her knowledgeable leadership skills. Her workshop presentation included handling company challenges, team productivity, communication, and her personal value of leadership; helping companies find a way to honor their company and employees. I recommend Lysa Allman-Baldwin for anyone looking for a dynamic and professional guest speaker.

~ Sandra Sage

CEO, Enormous Heart

Amy Van Linge

I am so grateful for the ways Lysa blessed our community with her presence and essence. Lysa brings an authenticity that captures listeners and opens hearts. She connects with ease to her audience and her message and accompanying workshop were meaningful and powerful. We look forward to having her back in the future.

~ Amy Van Linge

Spiritual Director, Brentwood Inspired Living Center

Katie Levi

I attended Lysa’s workshop on “Making Friends with Our Fear Lizard” at the Big Sky Retreat and what a treat it was! I loved hearing her backstory and what brought her to New Thought teachings. The technique she taught in reframing our fear story has helped me tremendously in my day-to-day life. Most importantly, I love the light and enthusiasm Lysa brings everywhere she goes!

~ Dr. Katie Levi

Janneh Wright

I had the pleasure of attending a speaking event where Lysa Allman-Baldwin spoke on leadership strategies that promote authentic and purposeful living, and I must say it was truly insightful. Lysa is a gifted speaker who delivers valuable personal and professional growth tools with the highest integrity and professionalism. What stood out was how she encouraged everyone to believe in themselves and their potential. She shared personal experiences delivered with unapologetic honesty and truth, empowering us to do the same. I highly recommend Lysa Allman-Baldwin's speaking services to anyone looking for an inspiring, informative, and personalized experience. She truly exceeded my expectations!

~ Janneh K. Wright

Chief Executive Officer PRIMUS Business Management

Edward E. Mosley, Jr.

Lysa's remarkable presentation was a source of enlightenment that captivated each attendee. Offering invaluable, actionable advice, her strategies were quickly embraced and put into practice. Above all else, what resonated most with me was how she made personal connections to drive home the message... If you’re looking for an impactful experience no one will forget any time soon – book Lysa now!

~ Edward E. Mosley, Jr.

Professional Speaker, Published Author and Leading Military Transition Coach

Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington

I was blessed to take Lysa's forgiveness workshop and found it to be so very practical, grounding, enlightening, and supportive. Her soft way of communicating and her tender energy held space for a room full of individuals as we worked through her forgiveness process. I know a lot of healing occurred in our time with her ... it certainly did for me. Thank you, Lysa, for sharing your gifts with the world. What you offer is so needed. 

~ Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington

Executive Director, Affiliated New Thought Network

Albert Whale

The warmth from one person can make a difference which is contagious.  I met Lysa Allman-Baldwin earlier this year.  Immediately my heart was touched and it affected all of my attention to everyone I have come in contact with.  Lysa is a heartwarming speaker, and her influence is magnetic.  You need to see Lysa, live and in person.

~ Albert Whale

International speaker, award-winning author, and Zero Trust professional

Julie A. Connor

Lysa inspires and motivates anyone seeking to find purpose and meaning in their lives with words that reflect sensitivity and humor. She reminds us that we are surrounded by wise sages who, as directional arrows, offer assistance, love, and support to us on our life journeys if we are willing (and courageous enough) to take the next steps on our own paths.

~ Julie A. Connor, Ed.D.

TED Speaker | Leadership & Teamwork | Communication & Conflict Resolution

Rico Miller

I had the opportunity to listen to Lysa at a conference and be a part of her captivating workshop. She was a compelling and prolific speaker that gave tangible steps to empowerment and internal awareness. When I attended the seminar, I was going through some personal issues and wondering about my next steps. She made me feel empowered and equipped to move in on how I had to dig from within and master the art of resilience. The steps were practical and systematic, with a clear direction for life. She is a speaker ahead of her time with innovative solutions with a cutting-edge approach to her audience. Suppose you want someone to change your organization's mindset and approach to solutions internally and externally. She is a speaker I recommend to any organization that wants substantial long-term results while empowering its people.

~ Rico Miller 

Life Coach and Author

Rochinda Pickens

I had the opportunity to meet Lysa in 2018 at a women’s leadership conference. Our candid conversation and intentional love for healing others opened the opportunity for Lysa to speak at my Kept Woman of God annual conference in 2019, attended by over 300 women. Lysa’s delivery of her message captured the audience, and I was totally blessed by her authenticity to share her truth in starting over, giving others a blueprint on how to keep going.

~ Rochinda L. Pickens

CEO/Founder Kept Woman of God, Author/Speaker/ Life Coach

Tara LaFon Gooch

Lysa is an impeccable presenter, keynote speaker, and subject matter expert in her field. When Lysa presents to her audience you feel her story on a soul level and you go on her journey with her in a beautiful way. Lysa has a deep understanding of authenticity, vulnerability, and purpose. She is also an extraordinary leader who understands how to help others succeed in their lives. She brings the WOW factor and will leave audiences speechless after delivering her talk. It has been a privilege getting to know Lysa and hearing her speak. I look forward to attending many more conferences featuring Lysa for years to come.

~ ​Tara L. Gooch

CEO, Best Branding Solutions

Rev. Dr Stanley

I was truly moved by Lysa’s workshop presentation at Big Sky Retreat. She delivered an authentic message, showing us how to take those deeply felt life moments and allow them to become turning points in our lives. She courageously shared with us deeply held beliefs that no longer served and took us on a journey towards embracing our own truths, allowing our unfolding selves to be uncovered. You will not be able to walk away untouched or unchanged.

~ Rev. Dr. Pjae Stanley

Senior Minister, Harmony Spiritual Center, Fort Worth

Ann Tabor

Lysa was everything I asked for in a guest speaker and more. Not only was she engaging, but she also offers a unique spiritual perspective that is refreshing and inspiring.  I love the way she “shows up” and you will, too.

~ Rev. Anne Tabor

Sr. Minister, Unity of Arlington

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