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The trajectory of Lysa Allman-Baldwin’s professional career has led her on many amazing journeys. A few years ago, her travels crossed paths with a very personal, inner journey which resulted in her first book, I Cried. And People Loved Me Anyway.


It's the story of how, due to a series of events that happened within a very short period of time, her life completely fell apart and she was, literally, ready to check out. No longer able to maintain the subconscious façades she had built up since childhood, the master of coverups she had become shattered into bits, and all that was left was her.


And she had no idea who she really was.


However, through faith, self-forgiveness, and a lot of unconditional love, she moved from the depths of despair to living a truly authentic life.

Jacket cover of "I Cried. And People Loved Me Anyway."

I Cried. And People Loved Me Anyway.

Lysa’s book demonstrates:

  1. How to tap into your inner child to unravel the old “tapes” that no longer serve you

  2. The power of forgiveness and unconditional love – for yourself and others

  3. Why every breakdown can be a breakthrough

  4. The importance of creating and maintaining community

  5. Finding your voice and inner strength through vulnerability

  6. The clarity, lessons, and blessings found through adversity

Praise for I Cried. And People Loved Me Anyway.

When life pulls the rug out from under you, and you fall harder, sink deeper and hurt more than ever before, where do you turn? Lysa shares her life’s journey of awakening to support and assist anyone hopeless or struggling. A raw, honest and straight-forward physical, emotional and spiritual healing ‘how to’ for these chaotic times.

~ Carol L. Antle, LMT


Lysa Allman-Baldwin has taken the very worst of experiences, filleted open her soul, and allowed us to take a peek inside. Her brutal honesty, willingness to show all the warts, and bravery in coming through this dark journey holds treasures for the rest of us. It's about redemption and forgiveness; responsibility and accountability. It's about being reminded that even the strongest of us can falter and how one woman shows us a way to find our way home. 

~ Kate Guimbellot, Motivational Speaker and Trainer


Lysa Allman-Baldwin offers a raw and relatable account of the ups and downs, highs and lows, ebbs and flows, yin and yang — of that living dynamic that so defines what it means to be human.

~ Dr. Richard Loren Held, Spiritual Director, Unity in Lynwood


Lysa Allman-Baldwin writes with honesty — intellectual honesty, emotional honesty and spiritual honesty. Through that honesty, I found myself more than reading about her, I found myself feeling what she was feeling. Feeling her pain, feeling her anger and feeling her confusion; feeling her strength, feeling her spirit and feeling her love. For anyone who has gone through any type of emotional trauma — of their own or that of another — her book will be both a guide and a catharsis. You will cry.

~ Mark S.

For people suffering, depressed and frightened, perhaps the worst part is the sense of being ALONE! Lysa bravely intimate account of her own 'rough seas' can give comfort in the realization that “I am not alone in this terrible time and my getting outside support is critical to the healing process.

~ Jim Deuser, a fellow seeker

Lysa Allman-Baldwin's writing and speaking take us on a trip.  It's a trip that expands horizons, enlarges our perspective, and ultimately connects us to a larger world. Her style is crisp, clear, and full of twists and turns that excite and educate

~ Jeanne Looper Smith, Author of Retro Road Trip: Take the Long Way Home

Lysa clearly possesses a gift for eloquently writing and telling stories. However, what Lysa has done in I Cried. And People Loved Me Anyway. completely transcends using the art of her craft. She has lifted the blanket of shame off what it means to completely and utterly experience breakdown and move into breakthrough. I have witnessed spiritual leaders in personal human crisis doggedly continue smiling and pursuing their higher messages, all the while losing the authenticity that truly connects messages to audiences. Conversely, Lysa’s unrelenting honesty and candor illustrate how a spiritual leader becomes a spiritual warrior. We are spiritual beings in a HUMAN life, and this book shows us that there are no spiritual bypasses, that we mere mortals must deal with the breadth of what life serves up — and, in fact, once the dust settles and the trauma fades, the spiritual gifts shine through.

~ Mike Ringhouse, Member, Center for Spiritual Living Kansas City


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