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Lysa Allman-Baldwin

Leadership Strategies that Promote Authentic and Purposeful Living

I led the planning team that invited Lysa to facilitate a two-session leadership training for a subgroup of the Blacks at Microsoft Employee Resource Group (BAM) Worldwide. The sessions were engaging, thought-provoking, and well-structured, and created meaningful dialogues between the attendees about how to explore new and established ways of thinking about leadership, progress, and success. The enthusiasm and positive feedback we received indicated that Lysa’s presentation offered great value in helping to empower and support the continued growth and development of our BAM Community, and other Employee Resource Groups, across our organization. In a nutshell, Lysa's interactive sessions were impactful, and we gained tangible, eye-opening insights and actionable next steps. I highly recommend her as a speaker/facilitator!

~  Ruth A. Aisabokhae Ph.D. –  Chief of Staff, Power Apps 

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Empowerment Based Leadership

This powerful, interactive, life-changing program is designed to light the fuse guaranteed to transform fear and limited thoughts into bold, authentic living action.

In this session, you will learn how to tap into your own distinctive voice to dispel “FEAR” (False Evidence Appearing Real) and harness the power behind it to support inspired personal and professional development.

Transform your own life, inspire family, friends, and peers, and/or empower large numbers of professionals in your field after participating in this enlightening presentation.

Resilience Based Leadership

We all have a story – that collection of experiences we’ve had in our lives.  Some are positive, while others leave a lot to be desired.  But unfortunately, we often latch onto the challenging ones, making them the central narrative our subconscious mind uses to filter current and future events.

This powerful, interactive, super-charged program is designed to provide a blueprint for transforming any thoughts of low self-worth or inadequacy into bold, juicy actions that embrace openness and vulnerability as strengths.

Revision Based Leadership

When it comes to our childhood, whether we say it was “good” or perhaps “bad,” the interpretations we made about the events and situations during that time have a profound effect and play an integral role in how we navigate through life as adults.  

This powerful, interactive, life-changing program is designed to help you discover how the subconscious beliefs through which we filter all of our life experiences often operate us from the shadows, instead of us operating them.

Personal Based Leadership

Life has both steady and unbalanced rhythms and cycles to it, ebbing and flowing throughout the year.  And it’s not just during the annual solstices.


Once we learn how to recognize, honor, and embrace the cyclical changes we experience on a regular basis we can more fully live and lead from a place of personal empowerment.


Lysa Allman-Baldwin
Lysa Allman-Baldwin
Lysa Allman-Baldwin
Lysa Allman-Baldwin
Lysa Allman-Baldwin
Lysa Allman-Baldwin
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