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Lysa Allman-Baldwin

Thank you for scheduling a strategy session with me!  I’ve sent you a confirmation email with the date and time of our Zoom meeting.  Please mark this in your calendar now.  I also ask that for our session you make sure to be in a quiet space free of background noises, interruptions, etc.


Lastly, please keep in mind that my schedule is very busy.  If an unforeseen circumstance arises and you let me know within two (2) hours of our appointment time that you would like to reschedule, you can do so by emailing me at


I look forward to speaking with you!




“Everyone has a ‘What Happened’ story. But it’s not what happens... it’s what are we going to do with it? Through my own stormy seas in this journey called life, I’ve learned to find my voice and inner strength through vulnerability, forgiveness, and self-love. It’s the core of what drives my mission to help people all over the world create lives full of passion, authenticity, and purpose.”

~ Lysa Allman-Baldwin

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