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Beyond Barriers Vaccine Advocacy Program

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Calling all Kansas grassroots heroes!

Regional grassroots organizations serve as pivotal centers of information and/or services for traditionally underrepresented and vulnerable communities.  As such, sustainable leadership skills and on-going support are crucial for organization leaders and representatives to successfully pivot as new demands emerge regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. 


Through the Pandemic Assistance & Vaccine Equity (PAVE) grant, we will be offering a FREE leadership training program focusing on strategies on how to:


  1. Increase engagement levels within underrepresented communities that significantly struggle with COVID-19 vaccine uncertainty.


   2. Hold “Essential Conversations” about the COVID-19 vaccine, including:

       * Documented research about the benefits and efficacy of vaccination

       * Effective disease prevention practices

       * The lack of trust in certain institutions (i.e. medical centers, public agencies, local, regional and/or state *            leaders, etc.) around equitable accessibility to the COVID-19 vaccine 

       * Misinformation in the public domain, such as the combining of the COVID-19 vaccine with other                          vaccines, that vaccines in general cause Autism, simultaneous insertion of tracking microchips, etc.

       * Receiving medical care that aligns with one’s feelings, beliefs, values, and priorities

       * Expressing the need for flexibility in the workplace when they or a family member is suffering from                     COVID-19

      * Reaching beyond typical outreach boundaries (i.e. from an urban area to a rural setting) to develop trust             and open new lines of communication

      * Providing vaccine education in ways that speak to communities with various literacy levels

      * Providing vaccine education in ways that speak to niche communities, i.e. LGBTQ, non-English speaking,           bilingual, immigrants, women, previously incarcerated, etc.


  3. Engage with other organizations that can help you develop messaging that reaches your target market(s)


  4. Measure the success of outreach efforts in the field through “proof of concept” tools


With community health at stake, these essential skill sets are imperative for more effectively serving the needs of Kansas communities in the COVID-19 environment.


For more information, schedule a quick call to discuss how we can help you lead with impact

* This training is being facilitated through the Pandemic Assistance & Vaccine Equity (PAVE) grant. Scan the QR code for the full scope of the grant.

“Everyone has a ‘What Happened’ story. But it’s not what happens... it’s what are we going to do with it? Through my own stormy seas in this journey called life, I’ve learned to find my voice and inner strength through vulnerability, forgiveness, and self-love. It’s the core of what drives my mission to help people all over the world create lives full of passion, authenticity, and purpose.”

~ Lysa Allman-Baldwin

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