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Achieve Your Full Potential Through Experienced Guidance

Learning from those who know more than you is one of the most powerful things we can do in our lives. Whether it’s discovering a new skill, gaining knowledge, or becoming better at something, there’s no substitute for learning from an expert.

Let’s face it: It’s not always easy to admit that we don’t know something, fearing that we may be seen as someone who is weak or incompetent. However, getting the right advice and guidance from someone who knows more than we do helps broaden our horizons. It also offers us a chance to grow and become better versions of ourselves.

I am regularly reminded by my coach, mentor, friend, and co-founder of Speaker Focus, Kevin T. Robertson, that it’s important to keep learning and growing in order to become better speakers and communicators. He says that we should not be afraid or let our egos get in the way of seeking advice from other experts.

This has been invaluable wisdom that I take into every speaking engagement I do. The more I learn. the more confident and prepared I feel when I step up on stage. It has also given me new perspectives on how to best communicate with an audience, giving me a competitive edge in the professional speaking realm.

Following are a few of the key things I’ve learned by heeding his advice:

* Learning is a lifelong process that continues long after leaving formal schooling.

* Mentoring is an important part of life and helps to equip me with the skills needed to succeed.

* It is my responsibility to take charge of my own learning. I can accomplish this by seeking out a wide range of opportunities such as reading books, attending seminars or workshops, taking classes, listening to podcasts, and more.

* Stepping out of my comfort zone is an integral part of personal and professional growth.

It’s important to remember that when seeking out advice from experts, we shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, challenge ideas, or ask for clarification if something isn’t clear. It also pays to remember that no one knows everything, and we all make mistakes. So it’s OK to make our own as we strive to improve.

The other thing to consider is who we should seek advice from in the first place. A best practice is to seek out people with an excellent track record of success in their chosen field, those who have achieved a level of mastery, and/or those who can offer insights based on their experience. And we should try NOT to rely solely on information found online, as it can often be outdated, inaccurate, or biased towards a particular viewpoint.

Finally, it’s important to remain open-minded and be willing to experiment with new ideas. It can be difficult to change our opinions, beliefs, or habits, but properly evaluating the advice we receive is essential. Learning from others doesn’t have to mean blindly following what they say – it should instead serve as a catalyst for further exploration and discovery.

With all of this in mind, there’s no limit to what we can learn.

Have fun and keep learning!

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