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Resilience Based Leadership

Resilience based leadership promotes bold, juicy actions that embrace openness and vulnerability as strengths.

We all have a story – that collection of experiences we’ve had in our lives. Some are positive, while others leave a lot to be desired.

But unfortunately, we often latch onto the challenging stories and negative criticism we’ve received from others, making them the central narrative our subconscious mind uses to filter current and future events.

Some of the latter may sound familiar to you. Things like:

  • You’re not smart enough … or you’re too smart for your own good.

  • Your race or your sexual orientation is not acceptable.

  • You’re not black, Hispanic, gay, straight, whatever – enough.

  • You’re too tall or you’re too short.

  • You’re too fat or you’re too thin.

  • You’re too young, or too old.

  • You don’t make enough money, or you make too much money.

  • Your faith is wrong, or you need to hold certain beliefs.

  • You should drive a different car … you should wear these clothes.

  • You don’t belong in this neighborhood, or you’ve “forgotten where you came from” if you live in a certain place or manner.

This list can go on, and on, and on.

And these supposed “guidelines for living” can be heavy burdens to bear.

Utilizing Resilience Based Leadership within your organization can help your peers, managers, members, and others:

❖ Utilize the knowledge and wisdom gained from previous challenges or perceived “failures” as springboards into future success

❖ Transform old, fear-based, limiting stories into courageous and dynamic leadership skills

❖ Reinterpret “weaknesses” into incredible growth opportunities

Don’t allow the ego – your inner critic – to sit on your shoulder, whispering harsh words in your ear over, and over, and over.

Take charge by examining and transforming any thoughts of low self-worth or inadequacy into bold, juicy actions that embrace openness and vulnerability as strengths.

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